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What is not allowed in the hyperbaric chamber?

Published at Apr 10, 2018 4:43:35 PM

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Hyperbaric Chamber Rules for Proper Use

All prohibitions concerning the hyperbaric chamber are designed to minimize the risk of fire and explosion.

Any electrical medical devices used by patients must be specifically authorized for hyperbaric chamber use, and therefore not present any potential risk of electrocution.

All electrical devices, such as tools or medical equipment, that are used in the chamber should be specifically designed for use in a conductive environment and therefore be without any risk of electrocution.

The area surrounding the chamber must be a smoke-free area and combustible substances, or substances which may result in explosive or hazardous mixtures, must not be accumulated nearby.

Patients who are introduced into the hyperbaric chamber should not have on their own bodies products containing flammable volatile substances (eg creams, ointments, disinfectants, hairspray, lacquers, greases, oils, nail polish), nor enter with any flammable objects (eg matches, electronic cigarettes).

All fabrics and other materials should be 100% cotton or anti-static material as per NFPA-99 recommendations. Never permit any silk, wool, or synthetic textile materials inside the chamber (except those specifically approved for hyperbaric oxygen use).


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It is absolutely forbidden to introduce the following items:

  • mobile phones
  • remote controls
  • electronic alarms
  • flashlights and other battery-operated objects
  • lighters
  • flammable liquids
  • ballpoint pens


As per ISO 7010:2011, Drass secures prohibition labels (itemizing banned items) in locations where they are easily visible: in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to its hyperbaric chambers and inside the cha


Additional prohibition labels are secured in changing rooms and waiting areas to alert and remind patients of prohibited items and conduct.



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